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this is an actual scene from the movie 

Can we talk about how in Twilight mythology Jake was apparently in love with Bella’s egg while it was still in her ovaries? Because it’s been years and I’m still not over that.


even imaginary men in literature are genuinely so fucking disgusting

And lets not forget that SMeyer wrote Bella as being more incensed by a lame nickname than the fact that her best friend has just “imprinted” on her NEONATE daughter—who’s going to age to adulthood within a few years, and he’s gonna be “uncle Jacob”, til he’s not.


Bella, sweetie, big picture here.

SMeyer, creeper, eat glass.

the biggest problem being that Jacob kissed Bella against her will, and it was presented as romantic

that Jacob and Edward talked about forcing Bella to have an abortion and Edward offered Jacob the opportunity to have kids with her, without her even being present for this conversation, much less consenting to this, and it was presented as romantic

on top of all the times Edward dismantled Bella’s car in some way or another to prevent her from going places when he didn’t want her to

SMeyer deserves more shit for romanticizing abusive relationships throughout the entire series than for the strangeness of this once scene

well fucking said

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